...the RP Corp is your trustworthy advisor to all your key business decisions in regards to audiovisual services...

Our company was established under a two-fold scope:

  • to provide expert solutions and high-level consulting services to all companies involved in the audiovisual business and,
  • to work with you on your event productions, customizing them to exactly what you need!

We are specialized in:

  • optimizing operational structures of audiovisual companies, as we will be providing the most efficient solutions in all sectors.
  • planning alongside with your people you event production, or conference not only in a/v consulting but also in all aspects of an entire production
  • suggesting the special meeting tools that will be the tipping point of your event and make the difference you are looking for!

Renata Papadimitriou

Project Manager & Managing Director


How to attend to other peoples’ needs was always what infatuated her to the most, regardless what was necessary to meet them! With her degree from the Hellenic Open University of Patras on Business Organization and Administration of Public Institutions and already bi-lingual on English through her diploma in Translation, she strived for a broader education that would widen horizons and business approaches. For that reason she got:

  • fully trained on Office Operation and HR Management
  • an Infocomm Tranining on Event Management and Staging
  • Management seminars on how to approach and to apply different business strategies in different organizations

She worked as a project manager to one of the biggest a/v companies in the Greek market for more than 15 years, managing also one of their branch offices in all aspects: public relations, on site management, accounting, logistics and HR management.

She attended technical seminars in a quite big range of products to gain first-hand inside knowledge to the equipment used in projects, but as one can be an expert only in only one field she believes that joint forces are always beneficial. For that reason she invited Marios to be a Business Partner and the Technical Manager within the firm. She is also fluent in French and has also a first level of knowledge in communication and writing / speaking skills on Italian, Spanish and at the moment she is studying Arabic.

Ever since The RP Corp was formed in 2012 all her efforts are aligned and focused on what to serve th end customer, because after all its all about what the client needs!

Marios Methenitis

Technical Director & Business Partner


Guiding his life by his passion about music, everything so far has been about the magic that derives from sound. Born and raised in Athens, his first educational choice was in IT and in computer programming. Moving on, he then continued on courses on event management and presentation techniques, as well as more focused technical trainings on what he loved the most:

  • Meyer Sound Mapp Online training
  • Training courses on special audio mixers (analogue and digital)
  • On line trainings on mixing and mastering for studio productions,

as well as to more in detail ones like the Bosch DCN NG seminars, where he obtain specialized skills on simultaneous interpretation and conference equipment.

He worked as a sound engineer for more than ten years, while also managing the sound department logistically for the company he worked for, for many years.

As the audiovisual sector is a lot more than sound and to gain a broader spectrum of knowledge, he attended an Infocomm training on "Staging and Events Management”, since we are a member of the Organization, and also attended the Advanced Training of Pandoras’ Box on media server for mapping and video blending.

Overseeing and supporting all the events we produced within the country and abroad, he is also responsible of seeing through all the presentations where the Sendsteps platform is used as we are their official partner in Greece.

What defines him the most, set a challenge and no matter what the obstacles or the set backs, that end goal will be met and achieved!

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