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December, 2012

The RP Corp providing unique services during COP 18/CMP 8

The RP Corp's executive personnel -Project Manager and Technical Manager- together with their technical team of specialists were part of the entire technical group brought together by Congress Rental Emirates in order to supply and support COP 18 -world's most important conference regarding the environment- with all the equipment that had to do with simultaneous interpretation and microphone installation.

Congress Rental Emirates using the latest technology of Bosch on SI and microphones, had to supply all 45 rooms of the conference in Qatar's National Conference Center in Doha and manage hundreds of boxes of equipment so they called upon our services in order to supervise and handle personnel and equipment during set up, operation and dismantle.

Facing every challenge that such a high-level meeting can bring forward in regards to equipment, working hours or client's requests we managed to make it happen one more time! 

We had on site the ideal team for the managing the project and its technical operation: dedicated, high-skilled, reliable and of course patient and this conference and its needs verified our perception on how important is the human aspect in regards to seeing such an effort through!

Hoping that we left one more client fully satisfied with our services, give us a chance of serving your event by contacting us at info@therpcorp.com!



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