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January, 2013

Why use an interactive voting platform such as Sendsteps? Because...

Sendsteps received last January the FRESH Award for 2013 as the "Best Meeting Tool" for being the best mobile interaction platform during corporate events! But, why in reality led this award to the team of Sendsteps and why did this platform stand out from all other innovative ideas for meetings and events?

* because the platform offers the chance to the audience to interact with the presenter/speaker in a direct yet an anonymous way as well!

* because it gives voice to the ones never heard before and gives to their opinion the validity it deserves!

* because it can make your presentation more appealing to the audience with more pictures and less text!

* because you can discuss questions and communicate results!

* because can engage your audience like never before!

Let us show you how with a demo presentation and engage you to this new and innovative idea!

Because...why not change the way you approached your audience up to now?

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