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10 - 20 January, 2015

CRN sponsoring the AIIC Assembly of 2015 in Ethiopia!

The RP Corp was there with its team to support technically and logistically the sponsorship of Congress Rental Network during the AIIC General Assembly that took place in the UN premises of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia!

CRN requested from us to manage all aspects of the organization of the entire endeavor, while working closely with the AIIC Board and Organizing Committee. A difficult challenge, aswe had to co-ordinate the pick-up of equipment from 4 different locations from all around the world (South Africa, Spain, UAE and UK) to a very difficulty accessible venue, since the UN areas operate under special rules and regulations due to security reasons!

Nevertheless, a very special production as we blended in and operated in unfamiliar territories, culture and working environment, making it as well an educational one!

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