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April - September, 2015

4th Athens Flying Week 2015!

Our team’s involvement during this year of Athens Flying Week started early in April! The one-week event that turned into an institution, honored us and invited us for one more time to join its Organizing Committee and so we did!

Many months of back-office work on the communication with the participating teams, with the event’s publicity, with the event’s e-shop, with the accreditations and accommodation of the crews when the time came, with assisting the Chairman of the Committee with his communication with all necessary parties and with the on-site support during the AFW Conference, Pre-Show and main event at the Tatoi Air Force Base, we can say that it has been one of the most complex projects we worked upon!

Hopefully we rose to challenge and pulled through and looking forward to the event of 2016! Keep aiming high AFW!



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