Conference Services & Event Productions

...are you preparing for a small business meeting?
...or a big event production?

We are here to supply the perfect team to support your event!

Contact us and one of our production managers will visit you to help you plan the perfect event. Allow us to brainstorm with you and your people and help you envisage your meeting, conference or corporate event! Either a small budget event or not, we can provide you with a custom made solutions using the latest trends in technology and equipment.

From the simple logistics of your meeting, to every single necessity in technical equipment, from the latest innovative technology applications that could be the tipping point of your conference to the corporate give-away gifts of your event, our team is here to support you all the way! After all…it’s all about what you need!

HR Services & AV Consulting

...every business structure can operate smoothly only if the right person is in the right place...

HR Services - Freelancers

Human Resources is one of the most crucial sector in all companies, even more in the audiovisual services, where the human factor is the basic element. Choosing your project managers and technical personnel could be a crucial decision so...

Why don’t you use us so as to make sure that you will be making the right choice?

Our portfolio of professional freelancers can support your events and conferences in any place around the world, to serve your needs and in all fields of expertise: project managers, PA and SI technicians, video operators, mapping and picture-in-picture experts, light designers, IT specialists will be placed at your disposal.

All you have to do is just ask us for the right person!

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